\ ,~HE HIGH COURT OF ,t\.NAMBRA STATE OF NlGERlA [N~ THE HIGH COURT OF NNEWI ruDIClAL D IVI_SlON . HOLDEN AT NNEWI: SHIP THE HON JUSTICE 0 . M. ANY ACHEBEL U O N BEFORE HI S LORD · ' THURS THE 7TH DAY.OF JUNE 2018 . SUIT NO HN/'.?.;C/2016 : BETWEEN : THE COMPLAINANT STATE AND PAUL DEFENDANT MATHEW ' JUDGMENT 1 -11lc initial charge in respect of this case was filed on 14 h June 2o·l 6. It ·wzts a one count charge of the offence of burglary contrary to Section 37 8 and Stf;J.linr:: c~rntrary to Section 353 (12) of Criminal Code, Cap , 36 , Vol. ii Re vised h\-\ s of A rrnmh~·a Swte , 199 l ( as amended) . The pa11iculars of offenc~ \Vere :rnpp!i ed t.h Plea was taken on 30 January 2017 . The Defendant pleaded not guilty . th Actual trial started on 15 1\1arch 2017 with the evidence of PW l . Altogether three (3) witnesses testified for the prosecution. The prosecution tendered one ll) exhibit The case of the prosecution was closed on 14 th November 2017 _ Before the Defence opened, the prosecution ·sought leave to amend the charge by way of substitution . This was not opposed and was granted as prayed That saw the birth of the Amended Charge deemed filed on 6/12/2017 which become the subject matter of the trial. The Amended charge reads thus ~ STATEMENT OF OFFENCE AIDING , Contrary to Section 4 (1) ( c) of Criminal Code, Cap 36 , Vol. ii, Revised laws of Anambra State, 1991 . PARTICULARS OF OFFENCE _Paul ~athe\v on th~ 14 ; JG, I I day of Oc tober, 2014 at Okplmo Otolo"Nne vvi in Nnewi North Loc~l Goven1me~t Area within the Nnewi Judicial Divison being uard of one Ch 1ef Donatus Obieze. aided one Toclnilcwu and I if th :?, 20(~

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