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Nweke Meka . Whik )efendant was visiting her parents' home on
of March, 20 _: to harvest mangoes and palm fruits , the
deceased vi ctim Phil p Meka stopped her from doing so and she
coin plained to the i )Ceased 1 st Defendant who together 1w ith he r

started quarrelling v ith the deceased Philip Meka . Defendant and
her late brother the leceased 1 st Defendant Nweke Meka and his g
children descended m: the deceased victim Philip Meka and beat
him until he fainted Che deceased victim became very ill as a result
of the beating and i1 'ited and told PW 1, Dominic Nnamdi Obijofor
and PW 2, Ben Ob :welu what transpired between him and the
Defendant and the d1 ceased 1st Defendant. He told them to hold the
deceased 1 st Defend . nt, and the Defendant responsible for his death
in the event that he =lies . He subsequently died four days after, on

21 s t of March 2013 . 'hereafter, a complaint was lodged at the Ogidi
Police Station, whe1 ~ PWl made a statement on 26/3/2013 and
another one at Stat '. CID Awka on 28/3/2013 both admitted in
evidence as Exhibit / and Al respectively. PW2 also made statement
at th e State CID Awk on 28/3/201 3 admitted in evidence as Exhibit

B while PW3 made :tatements at both the Ogidi Police Station on

22/3/2013 and at St tte CID Awka on 26/3/2013 both also admitted
in evidence as Exhil its C and Cl respectively. Police arrested the
deceased l


Oefenc :1nt and the Defendant and charged them to

court for the rnurder of their brother Philip Meka .
In her defence, Defe 1dant admitted before th is Court that she and
the deceased 1 s t DefE 1da:nt, Nweke Meka and decea s ed victim, Philip
Meka are siblings of full blood. She lived with their aged and blind
mother in her matr nonial home at Umuoji and had come to her
maiden home at Og :Ji on the 5 th March , 2013 (not 17 th of March

2013) to h a rvest son e mangoes and palm fruits for_their moth er but




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