f Ogbonna now at large to enter t~e ~we lling house ~f one Chief Donatus Ob iezie by opening the gate for them w~th mten~ to commit a felony therein, namely to steal therein, and did steal therem one J1anshe Motorcycle with registration No. JJT 926 QC valued Nl 10,000 (One Hundred and Ten thousand Naira) and one Sumec Fireman Generator valued N35 ,500 (Thirty five thousand Naira), property of one Okechukwu Chijioke and one Busca Jaguar Motorcycle with registration No JJT 721 QE property of one Paul Okafor valued Nl20,000 (One hundred and twenty thousand Naira) . On the said 24/1/2018 , the Defendant pleaded not guilty tc, the charge as amended. The Defence opened on the same 24/1/2018 with the evidence of the Defendant who testified as DWI . He was a lone witness . No exhibit was tendered or admitted. The evidence before the court can be summarized thus ; ' PW l was one Okechuki u Chijioke Martin . He told the story of hov,; on l 4/ I0/2 014 at about 6 :00am his apprentice called Chibuzor Asogwa informed him that he overheard PWl ' s neighbor discussing that thieves came to their premises Ind stole generator, motorcycle and other things. PW I immediately went downstairs to where his motorcycle Jianshe Motorcycle - Reg. No JJT 926 QC valued at Nl l 0,000 .00 was parked and discovered that it has been stolen. He also noticed that his generator valued at N35,500 .00 was stolen. It was also discovered that one Jaquar Motorcycle belonging to Paul Okafor was also stolen . 1 . ..; The tenants tried to trace how the thieves gained access to the compound to no avail. The security man w.ho lives by the gate was summoned and queried. Their landlady, at that point' came down and stated that she was calling the security man on phone to put off generator at night but he did n'ot answer. The said security man stated that he did not answer because his phone was with his brother. He further said that the thieves cut the keys to the gate in order to gain entrance. PWl contended that one of their neighbors confirmed that he called the security man on phone around 1:OOarn and he answered. He stated that the security man's phone was retrieved and it was discovered that he had deleted his received and out-going calls . Eventuall y, he was reported t e p 1lice . :~JJLJ,Y CO!JRT f-✓,~ ~ ( VJ i 1 J,4 TE .?fit), /10.1.Q CE" r-+-alrP\I UE COPY O I P . E. PRIHCI AL/ REGISTR~~

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