the law firm, Remedium Chambers was minuted to his team for investigation and it
relates to offences of obtaining money by false pretence, forgery and using as
genuine, documents that are forged, all leveled against Defendant. On receipt of
the petition, the petitioner was invited to give further particulars on the petition; he
honoured the invitation and furnished the commission with original of title
documents including the Right of Occupancy, the purported original copy of
Acceptance and Revenue collectors receipt all given to him by defendant before he
paid money to him for the purchase of the land in question. PW1 stated that they
wrote to AGIS to confirm the authenticity of the documents given to the
complainant by the defendant and that the AGIS replied stating that the Right of
Occupancy is a forged and cloned copy of the original. Based on the reply by
AGIS, the commission invited the defendant and confronted him with all the
relevant documents he gave to the complainant. That the complainant admitted he
sold the land to the complainant and gave him the purported original documents of
title and that he is surprised to hear that the documents are not genuine. The
defendants statements were then recorded without any inducement or intimidation.
He stated further that he again wrote to AGIS enquiring about who re-certified the
plot and they replied informing them that the plot was recertified by one Ahmed on
behalf of Sunday Ameh Ako on 8th September, 2008.
PW1 testified that from the reply by AGIS, they got the particulars of Sunday Ako,
the original allottee or owner and they invited him. The said Sunday Ako came to
their office with the original documents of the land and stated that he never
instructed anyone to sell the plot of land on his behalf. He deposited all his
original title documents at the commission. PW1 stated that based on these facts
and documents from Sunday Ako, they invited the defendant again to further
furnish them with facts and documents which he did. After getting all the
documents from both the defendant and Sunday Ako, they went to AGIS and
obtained the statement of Tijani Usman a staff with AGIS, F.C.T. The said Tijani
from AGIS maintained that the said title documents of the defendant are forged
and a cloned copy of the original. He then obliged them with certified copies of
the title documents in respect of the plot of land in the original file of the plot.
PW1 stated also that having gotten all the title documents from all the parties and
AGIS, and having examined same, they came to the conclusion that the title
documents given to the petitioner by defendant were forged and not genuine.
Further that the defendant used these false documents to obtain the sum of N2,
050, 00.00 from petitioner by false pretence.

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