Omare John Onuwaje testified as PW1. His evidence is that 1st defendant is
the managing director of 2nd defendant. The 1st defendant’s company name
is also known as Ambassadors Estate. On 21/5/2013, two ladies met him in
his office and said they were the sales representatives of the 1st defendant.
They told him that the 1st defendant has an Estate at Mbora District, FCT,
Abuja behind CITEC. They promised to take him to the land and to the
office to meet the 1st defendant. The next day [22/5/2013], they went to the
land; there, he saw signboard of the Estate and tractors opening the roads.
They went to 1st defendant’s office in Utako where he met 1st defendant.
On inquiry, the 1st defendant said the land belonged to Lt. Gen. Jerry Useni
[Rtd.] and some permanent secretaries. 1st defendant said he was fronting
for them. 1st defendant showed him the approved drawings and designs of
the Estate and lists of House of Representative members and Senators who
have subscribed to the estate.

1st defendant told him that if he subscribes or keys into the estate project,
he [the 1st defendant] will give him the approved drawing of the prototype
for him to build. The 1st defendant said the space for duplex is 700 square
meters and the cost was N12 million. PW1 said he offered to pay N11
million and to make an initial payment of N5 million, while the balance of
N6 million would be spread and paid within one year as he is developing
the plot. The 1st defendant agreed; and requested him to pay N20,000,00 for
a form and N100,000.00 for certificate of occupancy. The 1st defendant said
upon payment of N5 million, the drawings will be given to him and a plot
shown to him within one week. He gave the 1st defendant 2 cheques; one

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