if I N TH£ HIGH COURT OF ANAM Bll.A STATE OF N IG ER I A JN THE HI G H COU RT CW AWKA JUDICIAL f)J V I SION HOLDEN AT A WKA BEFORE HIS LO,H)SIIIP HON JUSTICE IJ. C. MADUECHF.SI ON T HE I6 I R DAY OF FEBRl:ARY 2016. Al'l'EAl, NO.A/9CA /2013 SlJ IT NO.MAW/ 2.JXC /2013 BETWEEN : CO MMI SS IO NE R OF POLIO' APPEi.LANT AND CY PRAIN IZUOGIJ RE SPO:'ID ENT This is a sis ter appeal to Appea l No . Al_(:.A/2013 - C.O.P . Vs. Cypria n lwogu . Both appeals germinated from th e same set of facts in a crimina l proceedings before His Worship, L. C. Okoye Esq. si tt ing as a lea rn ed magistrate at Aw ka Magisteria l Distri ct holden at Arnawbia . , ,.,, # ;. The crux of this appeal was the refusal of the learned tria l magistrate to al low a ques t ion posed by the ap pellant's counsel in the re- exa mination

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