Bolanle Ogunbanjo testified as PW1. In his evidence-in-chief, he
stated that on the 8/3/06 the accused person came to the Bank
with a cheque and he followed the normal process; he paid the
accused the sum of N260,000.00.
On 9/3/06, the accused brought another cheque of N350,000.00
with a confirmation letter, he also paid him accordingly.
On 17/3/06 the accused yet again came with another cheque of
N750,000.00 without a confirmation letter, he asked him to go for
the confirmation letter, the accused left and later came back
with the confirmation letter and he was paid accordingly.
PW1 stated further that some months after the bank called his
attention that he paid some cheques that were fraudulent. The
PW1 informed the manager that it was Adewale Adesanya, a staff
of the bank that introduced the accused person to him. When
Adewale Adesanya was confronted, he told the manager that he
knows the accused person. The United Bank for Africa cheque
No. 10814007 dated 6/3/06 was admitted as Exhibit A.


cheque No. 10814009 dated 7/3/06 was also admitted as Exhibit B;
while Cheque No. 10814012 dated 17/03/06 was admitted as
Exhibit C.
The PW1 further stated that the account involved belongs to
somebody else. The confirmation letter dated 6/3/06, 7/3/06 and
17/3/06 were admitted in evidence as Exhibit D, E and F


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