IN THE FEDERAL HIGH COURT OF NIGERIA IN THE ASABA JUDICIAL DIVISION HOLDEN AT ASABA cr"rARGE NO. FHC/ ASBIT 6C/2023". BETWEEN: FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA COMPLAINANT AND NWOSU JOSEpH (M) DEFENDANT F.NR9LLE? ORDERED UPON this Amended Charge dated 3rd December 2021but filed Bth December ZOZL ARGE COUNT 1 That you NWOSU JOSEPH (M) sometime between January and L2th Septembe r Z)ZL in Edo State within the Jurisdiction of this Honoura ble Cou rt d id fra ud u lently im personate the'identity of JAMES CHANG with the intent s F. A. OLUBANJO PRESIDING JUDGE obtain money and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 22(21(b) (ii) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition Prevention etc) Act, 20L5 and punishable under section 22 (2) (b) (iv) of the same Act. The Defendant icE OF i tlL cilm AsAsA FTlEru , sriARi having pleaded Guilty to the cha rge. The Court having heard F. A. Jirbo Esq. witlr Y. Be!i*r Esq. for the Prosecution appl,7 that the Plea bargain Agreement dated 3'd H A fti{ K. EION: Decembe r 2021, but filed on 8th December

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