I I rl IN THE FEDERAL HIGH COURT OF T{IGERIA II{ THE ASABA JUDICIAL DIVISION HOLDEN AT ASABA oN WEDNESDAY, THE 8TH DAy OF DECEMBE& 2021 BEFORE HIS LORDSHTP/ THE HON. IUSTTCE F. A. OLUBANIO JUDGE . .I CHARGE No: FHC/ASB19]C1ZL BETWEEN: FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA COMPLAINANT AND CYRIL CHUKWUNETA OSITA DEFEN { Defendant in court F.A Jirbo l( r' for the Prosecution i1h:' l'*xri fiiiH Etomike Ndigwe for the Defendant PROSECUTING COUNSEL: Before E Li {tL THE |!hi*E your lordship is a one rge/ we app Iy that the charge be read to the defendant for his plea to be taken [Defendant in Dock, unfefferedJ [Defendant speak and understand English languageJ Charge read to the defendant in English language, the charge was explained to the defendant. Defendant understands the charge read and pleads as fol/ows: Defendant p/eads guilty to the charge. PI{OS;ECUTING COUNSEL: In view of the plea of the defendarrt we urged the court to convict the defendant base on his plea, I refer to the sectiori 270 subsection 9 and 10A of the Administration of Criminal lustice Act, 201"5 in convicting and sentencing the defendant based on their plea of guilt as contarined in the plea bargain

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