2/09/11 to GTBank requesting for Statement of Account opening package which
includes mandate card, know your customers form and means of identification.
They also requested that post no debit be placed on the Account and the ATM card
deactivated. That the team be contacted when the Defendant shows up. The
Defendant was subsequently arrested in Gombe on 27/09/12. His Statement was
recorded under caution by the Officer who conveyed him to Abuja.

When he arrived he asked him of the Eagles Eye syndicate but he denied knowing
anything about it. He admitted the Account Number and name belonging to him.
He issued a word of caution, read it to him he said he understood and he
volunteered a Statement voluntarily in writing. In the course of his Statement, he
made reference to Abu Gwagwada which he gave his Account Number to. He was
given time to produce him but till date, he could not produce him. The Petition
written by Mrs. Precious Gbenoil dated 26/08/11 is Exhibit A. The Reply from
GTBank which was minuted to the Witness is Exhibit B. The Statement of the
Defendant obtained under caution dated 27/08/12 and 29/08/12 are Exhibits C and

The team was informed by the Nominal Complainant that the Defendant sent her a
text message. The Defendant was asked to produce the phone he was using but he
insisted he misplaced it and did a welcome back. They went to their Forensic Unit
and discovered that the old text messages were deleted. They discovered that there
was no Abu Gwagwada.

Under Cross Examination, the Witness said they wrote to MTN to investigate the
Phone Number. That the analysis shows the phone frequents the North East,
Borno and Adamawa. That the sim card was not registered. There was a text

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