This witness gave her name as Chinenye Ileagu. In her evidence in chief, she
narrated the events that happened[ on the 19/5/16. According to her, a~er the close
of her business on that day, she went back to the apartment she occuBies with her
sisters. They are living in the same compound where her ~hop is located. She stated
that between 10:30pm and 11 :00pm, four men scaled the w~ll of their fence and
jumped into their compound. She identified two of the men as the defendants in the
instant case. One of the defendants was armed and he ordered her and her sisters to
lie face down on the floor. She identified the 2 nd defendant as the person that
pointed the gun at her. She was ordered to bring all the money she realized from
her sales and those she kept in the house. She obeyed and brought the sum of One
Hundred Thousand Naira (NI 00,000 :00) from her room. The 2 nd defendant insisted
for more. She took her hand bag hanging on the wall and brought out the sum of
Forty Five Thousand Naira (N4.5 ,000 :00) therein and gave it to him. The 2nd
defendant continued to insist on more money. She fetched the sum of Two
Hundred and Eighty Thousand Naira (N280,000:00) from a carton where she hid it
and gave same to the 2 nd defendant. Yet the 2 nd defendant persisted for more
nioney. She told him that no more money was left in ,the room. The defendants
then marched her to her shop. The defendants took ~ight singlets, perfumes,
recharge cards and drank the beverages she stored in lier refrigerator, after the
robbery episodes, the defendants scaled the wall fence and jumped out of the
compound making good their escape.
In the following morning, being 20/5/16, she reported the incident to the police at
the Police station, Abagana. After lodging her robbery complaint, the police told
her to cal! them on phone whenever she saw the armed robbers. Ten days after the
robbery incident, the 1st defendant came to her shop to enquire about her business.
She recognized him as one of those that robbed her. She placed a call to the police
and policemen came after about twenty minutes and arrested the 1st defendant. She
identified the 1st defendant because the anned robbers came with torch lights which
were on when they were searching for money. The ·1ight from the torchlight
reflected on the 1st defendant's face and she took notice of him. She had known the
I" defendant before the robbery incident because he was always coming to



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